Mountains Do Crumble photo credit

A couple of months ago I had taken my son to a new dentist for a cleaning and an examination. They found something on the X-ray that they called a bone cyst. This more than likely occurred when he was hit in the face playing baseball a couple summers ago. So, I took him to an oral surgeon. Soon he was set for surgery to have this cyst cleaned out, to receive a bone graft, and be good as new within a short period of time.

Before the surgery, I received a phone call from the hospital. The lady on the line was nice and kind, but I soon found that she was the bearer of bad news. She said, “Your son’s surgery will cost a total of $28,000. After the insurance goes into effect, it should be brought down to around $13,0000. Would you like to take care of that today?”

My heart sank to my stomach. I immediately said, “No, there’s no way.” I talked with her about payment options. She informed that if a health finance company would actually accept me, then my payment would be a little over 200 dollars a month for 2 years, not counting interest. She also informed me that this would not include the anesthesia for his surgery.

I got off of the phone with her and discouragement hit my stomach. I had enough concerns¬†about my son going through his first surgery at the age of thirteen; and now I had this huge mountain looming over me as well. Immediately, I felt tears well up in my eyes and pain hit my heart. I wondered if God was there in that moment. “Father, do you see my condition? Please come to my aid.”

I realized that I would not worry about it. I put it in God’s hands and focused more upon the health of my son and prayed more about him. The surgery went exceptionally well and in no time he was healed up. God taught me through small details of the process of surgery and recovery. He would just pour out all of these analogies and references to His love. My son was better and I was so wrapped up in the good things about this process, that I completely forgot about the cost. God had me ignoring my mountain.

Soon, I started wondering when the bill would come in the mail. Because my ex-husband and I share custody of our children, he was responsible for half of this bill. I texted him and told him that we would just do what we could. Time went one and about a month and half later after the surgery, I received a bill in the mail. I reluctantly opened up the envelope. When I pulled out the paper, it said that the health finance company had approved me for 0% interest for 2 years, which was awesome. Then, I realized that the total bill was only $870.00, and my payment was $37.00 a month.

My mouth dropped open. I watched a mountain standing at $28,000, crumble down to $13,000, and then down to a small $870. So if you consider the fact that I pay half of that, I would pay a total of $435.

When I did the math, that price came down 98%. I literally watched a huge mountain collapse and crumble before my eyes. I know that it was God who showed His authority over the mountain. This is a victory of His power to remind me that if He can do this, He can do so much in my life. That He can do so much in your life. I have had struggles financially for a while and there was no way that I could afford even the payment of this surgery, let alone the bill in its entirety.

My hope is to encourage someone today that may be facing a mountain. Trust in God, listen to what He is trying to teach you through your trial and testing, and then watch Him work out all things for your good. He showed me that He is in control, that He loves me and wants to take care of me and my children. To God be the glory!


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