Growth Spurt

Throughout all stages of childhood, there are signs of growth. With the teenage years, there comes the horrible pains of growing, the mood swings, and much more. For my son, I have watched him experience a lot of leg aching and pains right before another growth spurt. He would complain about his legs aching and feeling cold inside. The next thing I know, he would shoot up in height and I was having to go buy him new jeans once again.

For my son, growth spurts require bigger shoes and a lot more food. I want to take a moment to look at this spiritually. You may be going through some struggles and pains, but hold on to God because you are about to hit a growth spurt. When you get that growth spurt, you are going to need more food, bigger shoes, and take on more responsibility.

God equips us as we grow. He will not lead you where you cannot stand. He will not guide you where you cannot conquer. God has already prepared the next level for you. He has already picked out your shoe size and your responsibility. Instead of carrying your own burdens, God is growing you up to start carrying the burdens of others. When you feel the pains of growing, be encouraged, you are about ready to hit a growth spurt!


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