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The more you know someone and become close to them the less likely you are to do something that they don’t like. The more you fall in love with someone, the more you want to do things for them, and make sure you do not do things that would hurt them or make them angry.

When you grow in your relationship with God, things become clear to you about your pursuit of Him, you want to do things that please Him and you desire to know Him more. If we are defiant in our attitudes and actions, there is something wrong in our hearts that we must look inward and not outward to find the cause. Give up and let God take over. Recognize how you truly feel. Write it all down before God and if you truly want things to be different with you, prepare yourself for change.

Things will be uprooted out of your soul, mind, and heart.

In order to change, get ready to have things removed from your heart. These things you have actually grown accustomed to and adopted as your personality. You have just come to realize that they are not good for you, they are things that you hold on to tightly and therefore, God has shown you or will show you how these things do not stand the test of time. These things you may hold dearly will not help you through a storm or a battle, so it is your hopes that God will change you and soften you and make you pliable in His hands.

Once you pray for that change, the crushing begins, the temperature rises. In order to get the impurities out of precious metal, like silver and gold, it is required that you raise the temperature and melt these metals to allow the dross or impurities to rise to the surface. The impurities of your heart will surface. Your temper will burst when you least expect it. You think that you have everything handled and under control, while you have been seeking God for change. All of a sudden you feel an anger or outburst come from your emotions and you simply do not understand. You feel like you are so disappointing to God.

“Why must this be? I am trying to be more like Christ.”

This is the problem. You are trying. It is time to stop trying. Give up! Let God know you can do nothing without Him. He is nigh unto them that humble themselves, those who surrender their will, and they are willing to admit that without Him we can do nothing. He is allowing these things to surface, so that He can cleanse you of all imperfection and weakness. Yes, we hold our mouths shut and bite our tongues, all the while at the end of the day we can pat ourselves on the back for not messing up? No!

When we disassemble our religious characteristics, we surrender and say, “God, I cannot even walk without you holding my hand.”

I must submit myself therefore unto God, resist the devil and he will flee from me. Draw nigh unto God and he will draw nigh unto me. That is where it is. It is in the need of a Savior. It is in the dependence on His strength. Reliance on His character. If we are dead, then let’s die every day. Today is the day that Lord has made. This is the day I want God to steer me, lead me, breathe through me as though I am a musical instrument. It is not the day for me to tell God what he is going to do, it is the day that I want to know His will.

If we offer ourselves a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God, we are simply saying that we want Him to lead us, we want to walk in His spirit and hear his voice. I am tired of hearing my voice dictate my thoughts every day. I am tired of my emotions ruling many important moments in which I could do so much better through surrendering my will to God.

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.                                           Romans 12:1


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